Crazy Bet And Win Of € 1 Million At The Casino In Monaco

Today we are going to tell you two really exciting stories. That of a lucky winner who has just won nearly 1 million euros at the Casino Café de Paris in Monaco, and that of a Briton, by the name of Gerrard Gallacher, who tries to bet £ 100 that the Earth is flat, and who sees all the bookmakers refuse his wacky bet.

A Good Advertisement For The Casino Café De Paris

Indeed, there is no other more lucrative, opportunistic and economical way for a casino than to get talked about for free in the media because one of its customers has become in a few seconds a new millionaire thanks to its brand.

The Casino Café de Paris in Monaco has been in full glory since this week, being the victim of an incredible and profitable event that has just arisen in their establishment at the beginning of this month of May 2018. And it is exactly Saturday, May 7, that the future will change drastically for a customer of this casino. The latter will indeed win a totally amazing jackpot, allowing him to win the huge and impressive sum of around one million euros. A story that he urges us to tell you now in all details.

A Lucky Player From Monte-Carlo 

If there is one place that is rather spooky in terms of games and one that is undoubtedly the dream place for casino players, it is Monaco.

And today, we are particularly interested in the Casino Café de Paris in Monaco in which a player has managed to win what represents the biggest jackpot of his entire life. While he was discreet and played alone, quietly and serenely in his corner on the side of the establishment’s gaming room, the player happily and surprised hit the very big jackpot of one of the slot machines. . This slot machine will indeed pay him a price of 958,950 €. Knowing that you do not receive a million euros every day after launching a single spin, it is certain that this sum will transform your life forever. Getting a million euros in a snap is something that can only happen in this kind of gambling and this lucky winner of the month of May, who is also a loyal casino,

The “My Monte-Carlo” 

We learn from the mouth of the owner of this establishment, who is none other than the Société des Bains de Mer (SBM), that this mysterious winner, obviously wishing to remain anonymous, would be a member of “My Monte-Carlo”. So, you will most certainly ask us what is it ?! And as we never leave any question unanswered on, we are going to reveal to you, for your information, that this famous “My Monte-Carlo” is in fact a kind of program created by the SBM, having for main objective to offer its members several privileges. A judicious way to retain them and increase their experiences as a player.

The SBM is a company which meets the needs of its customers as much as possible and which presents itself in the gaming sector as a very prestigious company; offering establishments that bring together many very talented players, a result probably due to its loyalty program-VIP. So here we find a brand new member who collected the second largest prize that the casino has known. Yes, we are talking about the second, because there are within this establishment countless game experts and lucky ones who have won very good sums since the beginning of this year 2018. The establishment Café de Paris has identified more than 9,000 jackpots so far on its various slot machines which have already smiled on thousands of followers.

If this establishment offers real satisfaction to all its customers, it is quite simply because it benefits from the presence of a huge casino gaming amusement park, offering its visitors the latest games and a variety of games. day of 480 slot machines, accompanying various other gaming tables.

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