How Anitrack Works

Anitrack uses wearable technologies to collect near-realtime data on cattle which allows farmers to make informed decisions.

Animals Tagged

Anitrack tags individual livestock with our wearables and makes it easier to collect health and movement data on a periodic basis

Data Learning

Wearables learn behavioral patterns over a period of time


Farmers and stakeholders receive notifications on health and location status of animals

Animal Services

Farmers can make data-backed and informed decision and connect easily to animal services

Anitrack ensures insights and on-farm decisions are useful for farmers

How farmers benefit

Livestock farmers are able to identify and track the health status of individual animals and can pay critical attention whenever they need to. This helps the farmer in their day to day management of their farms and can help them achieve maximum result.

  • Farmers save time managing their farms
  • Farmers are able to protect their animals
  • Making informed decisions is the new way to go
  • Farmers save a lot of money

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