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AnitrackGhAbout Us

Anitrack monitors livestock health and movement…

and then notifies the farmers to help them make informed decisions.

Livestock production is an important feature in Africa, contributing largely in meeting food needs, providing draft power and generating cash income for both small, medium and large scale farmers. But majority of farmers face a major challenge where they lose 30 percent of the livestock each year as a result of undetected diseases and 5 percent is lost due to cattle rustling. This contribute to a loss of over $4 Billion yearly in the agriculture sector. As the pace of livestock industry in Africa accelerates, the need for accurate information gathered quickly is increasingly important in managing livestock. With this we reduce chances of loss significantly.


The vision of Anitrack is driven by young and vibrant entrepreneurs from varied backgrounds and countries.

Tony Marfo
Co Founder / CTO

Tony works as the CTO of Anitrack

Winnie Akoko
Co Founder / CEO

Winnie is the CEO and business lead at Anitrack

Abdul Hak Saani
Customer Acquisition

Abdul-Hak is a farmer and helps with customer acquisition at Anitrack

Kenneth Simpson
Intern, Software Developer

Ken is a software developer intern at Anitrack